Your Words Matter puts professional writers in classrooms as writers-in-residence in our flexible one hour per classroom per week twelve week program. Our writer’s residency offers many benefits to classroom teachers and students. As writers in residence we work to:

1. raise appreciation for reading and writing;

2. empower creative writing instincts in young writers;

3. and create a safe, enjoyable environment for young writer’s voices and stories to be heard.

The direct outcomes for students in the residency program include:

1. gaining an appreciation for reading and writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction;

2. learning to express themselves through critical thinking and writing;

3. learning to draft and revise their work;

4. and discovering that their words and stories matter.

Classroom teachers benefit from the residency through the exposure to the writers, and their ideas and prompts that are proven to work with their students. The writers become a hands-on resource in the classroom. Independent testing of residency programs has shown that students will demonstrate improvements in critical thinking and writing skills, standardized test scores, self-esteem and self-discipline.