We offer 12 week residencies during the school year and one week summer writing workshops.

Our writing residencies and workshops develop and support students’ imaginative writing of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Through weekly or daily instruction, we encourage students to challenge themselves to create and write their stories and words that matter.

We also offer specific autobiographical, expressive writing, journaling, play-writing and screenwriting workshops.

Publication in the Program-wide Anthology

Your Words Matter believes that each student’s writing efforts deserve to be recognized by inclusion in a professionally published book. All of our residencies include publication as an integral part of the writing experience. Each student will be responsible for revising and polishing at least one poem or story for the program-wide anthology. The anthology helps each student in each residency realize he or she is part of a larger ongoing program of writing and reading. The anthology will be published near the end of the school year and each residency student, teacher, and school library will receive the perfect bound book.