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Sweet as Circus Peanuts — the Spring 2015 Program-wide Anthology Is Here!

Sweet as Circus Peanuts | Student Anthology Series Vol. 5 | Spring 2015

This year the residencies of Your Words Matter expanded to include COSSA Academy in Wilder, Idaho, putting us in 8 classrooms reaching over 100 students and redoubling the size of the program. The students were willing to share diverse experiences with their teachers, our writer in residence and their fellow students. This often required a leap of faith on their part.

As brave students and teachers share their writing with their classmates and students, that courage grows and spreads. Their example creates an environment of emotional safety. These students and teachers are some of the bravest people we know. We want to thank each of them for being part of Your Words Matter, and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Special thanks to Carleen Schnitker, Principal at Parkview and Ridgeline, Pat Berg, Vice Principal at Ridgeline, Melisa LaPrath, the instructional coach for Nampa Alternative Schools, Brandy Fitzwater, Nathan Andrus and Elizabeth Mann, the teachers who welcomed the program into their classrooms at Ridgeline.

Thank you to Dr. Harold Nevill for welcoming the Your Words Matter program into COSSA Academy, and to Malia Tate and Juan Garcia as well as numerous aids who worked with students to encourage their writing, sharing, and personal growth.

As always, our deepest gratitude to Michelle Tanberg (aka Auntie iPod), the dedicated English teacher at Parkview who keeps the program alive with her unwavering support, homemade pies, and fun packed trips to the Zoo.

We also hugely appreciate The Peery Foundation for their continued monetary, moral and organizational support.

We would like to thank, as well, these funders and supporters of the program without which this anthology would not be possible:
Maureen Jastremsky, Robert McCarl, Eric D. Dixon, Lori McDonald, Maury Guay, Charlotte Iverson, Christopher Farnsworth, Jason Coughlin, Clare Ward-Jenkins, Amanda Linzy, Victor & Jonett Berg, Lillie Peery, Tarali Messner, Sean & Spring McDonald, Clara and Lee Leafgren, Brad Tanberg, SaraAnne and Sheldon Stout, Christine Moore, Keri Pascoe, Jeremy Jensen and other anonymous donors.