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The 2013-2014 Your Words Matter Anthology is here!

While the Frogs Are Having Good Laughs and Conversations| A Program-Wide Anthology from Your Words Matter | Spring 2014

This year Your Words Matter expanded and doubled its residencies. We were lucky enough to work with two great schools who welcomed us into their classrooms. The pieces collected into this anthology are the culmination of the teaching efforts of creative nonfiction writer Amelia Berg, who conducted 12 week residencies with four different classrooms of young writers at Parkview Alternative and Ridgeline Alternative High Schools in Nampa, Idaho, throughout the 2013-2014 school year.

In this compilation, these young writers attempt to comprehend and communicate moments in their lives that have changed them into the maturing young adults they are. They test the boundaries of life, imagined and real, with boundless imagery and figurative imagination.

We’d like to thank the staff and teachers at Parkview and Ridgeline Alternative High Schools who made this anthology possible.

We owe our deepest gratitude to Michelle Tanberg (aka Auntie iPod), the dedicated English teacher at Parkview who keeps the program alive with her unwavering support and homemade pies.

We would also like to thank these funders and supporters of the program and the anthology: The Peery Foundation for their continued monetary, moral and organizational support; and the GFWC Boise Columbian Club and Nampa Women’s Century Club for sponsoring and hosting readings and annual poetry and short story awards.